I am Dr. Yulanda W. Clinton, a native of Bayou La Batre, Alabama. I am brand new to the
higher education arena. I bring 30 years of educational experience from the Mobile County
Public School system where I gained useful experience as an elementary teacher, professional
school counselor, and administrator. My contribution to the completed puzzle with the United
Negro College Fund (UNCF) and the Talladega College (TC) Virtual Liberal Arts Innovation
Center (LAIC) for Education is very simple. I will assist in training and instructing teacher
candidates at Talladega College and provide Professional Development for faculty at Talladega
College. After completing and receiving ACUE training, I am implementing active learning
strategies in the courses that I teach in the present, and future.

During my tenure in Mobile County Public School System, I was named SECME teacher of the
year and I founded and organized several groups and clubs while serving in my varied capacities.
I received a B.S. and master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of South
Alabama and began my educational career as a first and second-grade teacher at Castlen
Elementary School. While teaching at Castlen, I coached Varsity girls’ basketball and
cheerleaders at the high school located near Castlen. As I coached, I found a new love and a
desire to help students at the secondary level. I decided to further my education to assist those
students and received my ED.S. degree in professional school counseling from the University of
South Alabama. My counseling degree afforded me the opportunity to return to my alma mater,
Alba High School, and work as the counselor, which merged and became Alma Bryant High
School and then I became an assistant principal at Alma Bryant. My love for learning enticed me
to pursue a Ph. D. in Administration and Leadership from the University of Southern
Mississippi. After which I served as principal at Mobile County Training Middle school where
the staff and I worked diligently to change the climate and culture. Finally, I retired and ended
my educational career in the Mobile County Public System, as an assistant principal at Theodore
High School.

I have a strong commitment and compassion for today’s young people and I am excited to
embark upon this new journey to educate, train and mold students to become the best teachers
they can possibly be. I am ready to cultivate and motivate students to understand the role they
will play as teachers upon graduating from the best teacher education program around.
I have three sons Lemuel, Jr., Landon, Justin, and a beautiful 3-year-old granddaughter, Autumn
Rose. My love for the Lord and my family is unchangeable. During my spare time, I enjoy,
shopping, traveling, singing, reading, watching football, and spending time with my family.